"...flowers were most likely the first thing humans came to value that had no utilitarian purpose..."   
                                                                                                                                  -Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

Coming together...

During the winter of 2016, a group of flower growers came together for a potluck lunch to share their passion for growing beautiful flowers and a commitment to sustainable practices. The room was buzzing almost immediately as the recognition of a common thread began to weave its way throughout the group. The simple truth is that we love flowers, and we love growing them.

We are the South Carolina Upstate Flower Growers.

We are a community of growers dedicated to bringing the freshest, locally-grown flowers to the Upstate of South Carolina. Collectively we offer an array of knowledge and experience with commercial flower growing, gardening, floral design, and landscape design. We believe that working together, we can bring to you a superior product.

Locally-grown flowers are superior...

We believe in the importance of knowing where and how your flowers are grown and the impact you have on the environment when selecting flowers.

Did you know...
• 80% of flowers purchased in the U.S. are grown in other countries—chiefly Columbia and Ecuador.
• Imported flowers are inspected for pests but not pesticide residual.
• Pesticide residual is known to be high on imported flowers—don't stick your face in those flowers!
• 20% of the pesticides used on South American farms are know carcinogens or toxins that have been banned in North America.
• Mega farms in South America mostly employ women for long hours and very low pay with exposure to harmful pesticides and herbicides.
• The cost to the environment for the transportation of these flowers is high.
• Vase life of imported flowers is low due to picking them far in advance and the time required for transportation.

The good news...

Healthy, seasonal flowers are available right here in the SC Upstate!

When you buy from a local grower, you are...
• assured the freshest, finest quality of cut flowers with a longer vase life
• assured a variety of blooms not usually found elsewhere
• supporting and strengthening your local economy
• supporting the health of our precious planet
• building a relationship with the people who care about you, the community, and environment

Select your flowers carefully. As cultivators of nature's beauty, we are eager to share our flowers and expertise with you to brighten your home or business, or to celebrate your special day or event.